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Countries with the Least Expensive Quality Dentists

Cosmetic and reconstructive oral surgery carries exorbitant expenses that health insurance often does not cover. Many citizens around the world rely on medical tourism for meeting dental needs. Other countries commonly have highly qualified oral physicians performing procedures at a fraction of the cost.

Recommended CountriesUnited States residents residing in the coastal states of Arizona, California and Texas often travel to clinics in Mexico. U.S. residents residing on the eastern coast, along with Canadian residents often make a trip to Costa Rica. These facilities typically provide a full range of dental services at reductions of anywhere from 50 to 80 percent.

Hungary is another destination seeing a rise in medical tourism. Europeans and Americans traveling here find that the country contains more dentists than any other location on the planet. The little Austrian border community known as Mosonmagyarovar has over 160 dental offices. Americans commonly travel here for inexpensive advanced oral procedures.

The Bangkok International Dental Center of Thailand has a reputation for excellence and staff physicians not only acquired medical training in other countries, the majority received medical degrees from schools in the United States. The organization “Patients Beyond Borders,” provides extensive information concerning medical tourism and recommends a number of dentistry facilities.

Imagen Dental-Monterrey, Mexico

The medical complex has over two dozen clinics in the Monterrey region operated by over 200 physicians specializing in dentistry and optometry. The list of services that Imagen teams provide clients includes bridges, crowns and implants along with gum surgeries, root canals and veneers. Features of the bilingual clinics include the implementation of reduced radiation technology for diagnosing oral ailments. When patients require crowns but cannot remain in Monterrey for an extended period of time the facility offers Belle Glass Dental Crowns made in three hours.

Prisma Dental Clinic-Costa Rica

Established more than two decades ago, the Prisma Dental Clinic receives high recognition as one of the top medical facilities in the country. American and Canadian residents comprise a large part of the clinic’s clientele. Housed in an expansive facility operated by a sizable staff, the clinic has an in-house laboratory and offers the latest imaging technology. The clinic’s founders received advanced dental training in Montreal, Switzerland and the United States.

Meza Dental Care Clinic-Costa Rica

Dentists, endodontists, implantologists and periodontists accompany surgeons on the list of qualified professionals offering medical services at this Costa Rican clinic. Founding physician, Dr. Albert Meza retains membership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and all clinic members attend continuing education programs at the UCLA Dental School. The facility specializes in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. The Meza Dental Clinic additionally coordinates efforts with a local agency to assist patients with lodging and travel arrangements.

Clínica Dental Estrella-Mexico

The physicians at this family operated clinic have more than three decades of dentistry experience. Members of the Estrella medical team received advanced implantology, prosthodontic and restorative training from Loma Linda and Yorba Linda Universities in California. Advanced technological equipment used at the clinic provides deep-bleaching, digital and panoramic X-rays. Having a fully equipped, in-house surgical suite enables physicians the ability to perform various oral surgeries.