How to Find the Right Dentist for Your Family

Choosing the Best Family Dentist

The person who cleans your teeth is much more than just that. A dentist’s role is primarily to help you care and improve your dental health by preventing dental problems. It is imperative to find a good family dentist whom you can trust your family’s dental care, because you will be establishing a relationship.

Finding a Dentist:

Recommendations can come by asking co-workers, family, friends, or neighbors for their advice.Trusted people can provide highly recommended suggestions based on their own personal experiences. Your dental insurance can provide you with contact information for dentists who are part of your dental plan. Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, or pharmacists can provide further recommendations. The local and state dental societies provide a list of dentists in your area. You can also check the dentist’s history by looking up online dentist reviews. You can help guide your decision based on previous and current patient reviews. Some family dentists are not willing to see patients of all ages. Ask whether the dentist will see young children, school age children, teens, and adults. Ask whether the dentist can offer additional services such as braces.


There are certain financial questions you should ask prior to making a decision. Most practices require a payment up front. Ask whether the practice is able to submit claims to all insurance providers including your dental insurance. The majority of the practices is able to submit claims to all insurances, but if the dentist is out of your network this should be known. A big consideration should be whether or not a practice offers financing options for patients without dental insurance. Treatment costs should be discussed up front and accurate estimates should be given in detail before you consent. You should be aware of the policy in regards to missed appointments. This will allow you to know what to expect in regards to payment and time.

Location’s Availability:

Consider the practice’s location and their office hours on whether they are convenient to your needs. Certain offices offer early mornings, late evenings, and/or weekend hours. If the location is near your home or work it can be easy to make it to your regular appointments. In case of emergencies, inquire whether they offer any emergency help. This can be through after hours, emergency hours, or referral to another care provider.


As a family dentist, one’s family’s dental health care is a priority. The type of anesthesia the dentist is certified to administer is another factor to understand the dentist’s approach to helping patients feel comfortable. Inquire about the steps taken for patients who can be anxious about dental procedures. Those who have a fear of going to visit the dentist need to know whether or not the dentist is able to offer oral sedation.


Dentists who are members of the American Dental Association have graduated from an accredited dental school. These dentists are committed to uphold the highest standards of ethics. Find out where the dentist was educated and check his/her credentials. The kind of degree and length of actual experience should also be known. Make sure that the dentist you select has ongoing training and/or continuing education. A dentist should stay up to date and know all the latest advancements. In dental care, there are always new dental techniques and innovations being updated. When searching for a dentist, you want to ensure the person you trust your family’s dental care possesses the right knowledge and skills to care for you and your family.


Friendly staff will enhance the experience you and your family receive. It is more likely you will continue visiting a practice if you feel you are being valued. Dentists and staff who are friendly make a huge difference in how comfortable you and your family feel. You will feel at ease asking questions if you feel comfortable. Do not hesitate to ask questions to gauge whether the staff will be willing to answer your pertaining questions. The dentist should be able to explain all of the procedures in terms you can understand before you schedule them.


Before choosing a dentist it is suggested that you either call or visit at least more than one dentist. Be observant of your surroundings when visiting the dentist office for the first time. The office, equipment, and work surfaces should be clean and orderly. Staff members should be wearing gloves and protective gear during the procedures.

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