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After a friend or family member has an accident, it can be difficult to watch them struggle during their recovery. In addition to handling their financial affairs, a loved one may also be struggling with the emotional and physical toll that the accident has taken on their lives. While it is normal to feel helpless after a tragedy, there are many things that can be done to help someone feel better and move on with their lives. Here, are several things that anyone can do to support their friend or family member during the days and weeks following a recent accident.

Be Available to Listen
One of the most important things a person can do for their loved one after an accident is to be available to listen about their anxieties and struggles. Although most people prefer to talk about their accident as they work through their trauma, it is important to remember to let your loved one be the one to guide the conversation. Often, simply listening as they talk can be therapeutic while also reassuring them that there is someone who cares.

Connect Them to Resources
Following an auto accident, your loved one may benefit from talking to others who have been through a similar experience. There are many support groups and therapists who can be helpful to those who experience emotional problems after an accident. Additionally, those who have incurred physical injuries or damage to their vehicles will need help finding legal services in their area. By taking the initiative to find these resources, you will be able to relieve some of your loved one’s burdens.

Assist with Medical Care
Even minor auto accidents often lead to a need for medical care. Whether your loved one’s injuries are severe or only require a few days of recovery, they will likely need someone to accompany them to doctor’s visits, physical therapy sessions and to help them manage their medications. Those who are hospitalized will enjoy having a loved one visit with them and can benefit from having someone there to help ask questions about their medical care. Once they are home, then setting their home up so they can move independently will enable them to take care of their personal needs.

Offer to Help Them with Household Chores
Until a person has recovered fully from their auto accident, many basic household chores and tasks will be challenging for them to do on their own. However, many accident victims are too independent to ask others to help them with chores such as cooking meals and doing the dishes. Therefore, a person can help their loved one by stopping by and looking for things with which they can help. During the first few days of recovery, having a hot meal and help with getting their house in order can work wonders for improving a person’s mood. Once a loved one begins to feel better, they may still need help with tasks such as driving to the grocery store or picking up their mail. By tackling a few of the items on their to-do list, a person can provide their loved one with the opportunity to recover without the burden of extra stress.

Help Them to Resume Driving
For many people who have been in an auto accident, getting behind the wheel again can bring back painful memories. In fact, many people avoid driving until their life becomes hindered by the fear of getting into a car. For those whose loved ones seem to struggle with driving again, it can be helpful to offer to ride along as a passenger on the first few trips. If their anxiety is severe, then a recommendation to a counselor could be another way to help them overcome their concerns. Finally, remember to take it slow the first few times they drive so that they can begin to feel more confident.

In the aftermath of an auto accident, it is common for a person to feel overwhelmed by all that must be done. Having the support of their family and friends will aid them in their recovery while providing them with the reassurance that they will surpass their current troubles. By providing a listening ear, helping with household tasks and connecting their loved one with the appropriate resources, a person can deepen their relationship with their loved one while helping them to recover from their auto accident.